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Surrounded by books

Blogger gains following by pairing the wearable with the readable

By Olivia Minnier

May 4, 2017

Pfrogner poses in a rare moment without her signature dark sunglasses  outside of The Kent State University Fashion Museum. Photo taken by Olivia Minnier.

A cool, almost Parisian like confidence seeps from Tracie Pfrogner as she nears the looming stone walls of the Jefferson Market Library in New York City. With her brown, almost auburn hair and black sunglasses perpetually perched atop her head, Pfrogner walks down the spiral staircase and sits down to immerse herself in another world and escape the searing heat of summer. Continue Reading

Read with Tracie Marie Please Vol. 8

Yay for summer reading! Now today’s list is full of some not-so great books and some other great books, I would hate to only share the books that I liked because I need to give my honest reviews. I may read a ton, but that doesn’t mean that I always read books that I LOVE, and if you’re taking the time to spend hours and hours on a book, shouldn’t you at least enjoy reading it? Let’s check out what I’ve been reading lately… Continue Reading

My Summer 2017 Reading List

So many books, so little time…except now that it’s summer it is totally time for some summer reading. Pull up your Goodreads “To Read” list, because I have a bunch of books that I can’t wait to read! From new summer YA releases to some spooky thriller fiction, I have a little bit of everything on my summer reading list. As a bonus, check out some wonderful Bookstagram posts featuring these books…
Continue Reading