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Paris Prep: What to Wear

So I am seriously starting to freak out that I leave for Paris in a little over two weeks. Two weeks! I recently realized that I really need to figure out what clothes I am going to bring! I know I first need to pack basics and then pick some fun statement pieces. But for four weeks? That’s a lot of outfits. You always should also put into consideration for what you will be doing in Paris, and be aware of the weather! Paris has been known to be quite rainy during the summer, but it also has its heat wave days.  I’m making sure to bring comfy clothes that I can sight-see in but will still keep me looking Parisian chic. Keep in mind this is just my rough estimate so far, I may add a bunch more clothes to my suitcase! So let’s get started…

Paris Prep: What to Wear: Essentials

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