Friday Five: Apartment Decor

Happy Friday! Today I thought I would give you a little tour of my new bedroom in my apartment, and also share my top five apartment decor picks! Check out the home of Tracie Marie Please…

My room is all white with accents of gold and black. I use white faux fur a lot as an added touch of luxe to my decor. I like to keep my room clean and uncluttered, since I am able to work a lot better when I feel like I can breathe in my space.  I’m so in love with this Garance DorĂ© print that is hanging over my bed, it honestly is probably my favorite part of my bedroom. 

I love this lamp! When I found it at Target during my move-in weekend I felt that it was the perfect addition to my room to fit my aesthetic. My Buddha candle holder (similar) is a nice reminder to find my zen and keep centered throughout the day. 

I love having a clothes rack, because not only does it give me extra room for my clothes, but it also gives me space to choose blog outfits and organize them.  

This is the little zen corner of my room. My Himalayan salt lamp (that I found randomly at Bed Bath and Beyond one day) is a cool luxe touch. My bamboo plant Karl (named after the fab Karl Lagerfeld) adds some green earthy life to my space. In the picture, the blue heron has always been sort of a good luck symbol for me. This is the picture of the blue heron I saw in Marie Antoinette’s domain at the Palace of Versailles outside of Paris this summer. It flew right in as we were walking around and stayed for a long time, and I knew it was sort of a sign from the universe that all was well.

I like to display my shoes, instead of hiding them away in my closet (and anyways, between you and me, I don’t think there’s enough room in my closet anyways!)

I obviously am a huge fan of faux fur; I wear it and I even have it on my floor! Get your own White Faux Fur Rug here.
I love having a place for my hats that not only is functional but also decorative. I simply used command hooks to hang them up on my closet door.

Choosing to display some of my favorite fashion books on a white faux fur stool and a “Chanel perfume” vase that I DIY’d last year. 

This is my inspiration board for fall/winter for this year. I’m always saving pictures I love from magazines and printing out some of my fav looks from fellow bloggers. I like that this is above my desk so I can see it while I’m working on editing posts or trying to think of new outfit ideas. 

I’m so obsessed with these natural white crystal bookends (similar). They were definitely an investment that I’ll have for years to come.

Bonus apartment decor finds:
White Faux Fur Pillow
Gold Ceramic Jar
White Striped Comforter set

Hope you enjoyed this mini tour of my sanctuary!
Xx Tracie

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    September 19, 2015 at 1:12 am

    Loving all of the gorgeous details in your room! One of my faves are those awesome bookends. So unique and really pretty!

    Something About That

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