Friday Five: Blogilates

Happy Friday! I’ll be real with you guys, I don’t like to work out. Does anyone really though? How is it fun to be in pain and sweating like a pig in a gym full of muscular body-builders who look like they could eat you for a post-workout snack. So I stick to running around the track at the gym and I do my real workouts on Youtube. My favorite fitness Youtube channel by far is Blogilates! Cassey is just awesome. She’s relatable yet motivational and she makes you feel like you’re working out with your best friend. I also like workouts that are quick, I can do without any weights or equipment, and that I can do in the comfort and privacy of my own home. So Blogilates is perfect for me. Here is my top five favorite Blogilates workouts:

1. The Ultimate Fashion Blogger Workout:

2. 3 Minute Flat Ab Challenge:

3. The Ultimate Butt, Back, & Arms Challenge:

4. Call Me Maybe Squat Challenge:

5.  Crazy Abs, Butt, & Legs Workout

What’s your favorite way to workout?!
Xx Tracie
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