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It’s scary. To suddenly have opinions that seriously clash and differ from others. But that’s okay. We shouldn’t be afraid of what others will think if we truly speak our minds. It can be scary to discover that you have a voice. And it’s also okay if others don’t think the same way you do, or they believe in another candidate or religion or cause. You can still respect them. And still be friends. With this being an election year, people tend to forget that we all are human beings with our own qualities, experiences, and ideas. We also tend to forget the importance of manners and class. Really people, no one wants to hear you rant on Facebook. Sorry, you should just get a blog or something (ha). I think it’s actually quite wonderful to be able to debate with someone on life, and the issues that pop up along the way; it keeps things interesting. But with that being said, it does not mean that we should be rude or obnoxious. Sometimes it’s more important to listen instead of speaking.


At the age of 21, it’s like I am finally feeling my long-lost “teenage angst.” And I think that New York has helped me to find that. I have never been more sure of my own voice, beliefs, opinions, and a newfound independence. For example, I used to be afraid to eat alone. I always felt like such a loser  and an outcast, and that others would think less of me because I was seen alone. But it turns out, people aren’t looking at you. They don’t care. If they’re staring at you it’s probably because you look like a fabulous chic person who is exercising their right to enjoy delicious food on their own. Or you have spinach in your teeth (just kidding). This  truly used to bother me so much until I moved to NYC. Here, people relish in having some quiet time to reflect or read a good book while they’re alone on their lunch break. And furthermore, one day you may too find yourself alone with no plans while having a bad day, and somehow you end up eating an entire pepperoni pizza alone along with a glass of sauvignon blanc in a nice Italian restaurant. So screw it; you’re going to eat pizza and drink wine by yourself and enjoy every minute the of it. Sometimes you’ve just gotta do your own thing and stop worrying about what everyone else is doing or thinking. I always knew I liked my alone time, but here in NYC I have learned to truly appreciate it.


The more I travel, whether it’s been to Paris, Florida, or NYC, I always feel like I am able to find another piece of myself in a new place. And I truly do believe that I have found a large piece here in New York City.

Writing has never been my strong suit, but I have always intended to be 100% genuine and real when it comes to my blog and my own personal “brand.” I put too much sugar in my coffee, I text people back too quickly, I in no way shape or form consider myself to be a model, and for the majority of the time I prefer animals to people. But at least I know I can’t suck at being myself.  So give me, and everyone else who’s willing to be themselves, a break.

So here’s to the smelly Subway, rude NYU staff, and aloof and ghosting Bumble boys; thanks for a truly knowledgeable summer.

Xx Tracie

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