Let’s Chat: Irresistible Me Diamond Professional Styling Iron

   I am very low maintenance when it comes to my hair. I’m not the kind of girl who wakes up a whole hour early in the morning just so she can curl or straighten her hair. Luckily, I have been blessed with natural straight hair–for the most part anyways. I still have those mornings where my ends are all wavy and weird and refuse to just lie flat! That’s where my trusty hair straightener comes in! 
I just got the Irresistible Me Diamond Professional Styling Iron when I came home from Paris and it did the job! The iron was super easy to use and it only took about 5 minutes overall to straighten my hair. My hair stayed stick-straight for the majority of the day without me using a whole bunch of other hair products. The iron features three different heat settings depending on the thickness of your hair (I used the middle one since my hair has an average thickness) and it only took about 30 seconds to heat up. My hair felt super soft afterward and it didn’t feel extremely hot or fried after using the iron. Here’s a pic of what my hair looked like a little later in the day after using the straightener:
This styling iron ended up working perfectly because it didn’t take too much time to use and it kept my hair looking shiny and straight all day! You can purchase your own here
Xx Tracie
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