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Happy Sunday! Starting a new feature here on Tracie Marie Please where I’ll be looking back at some of my favorite book series of all time. Today I’ll be talking about one of my all-time favorites, The Selection series by Kiera Cass.

The Selection | The Elite | The One | The Heir | The Crown | Happily Ever After

The Selection focuses on fictional kingdom of Ilea, where all people are separated into numbered categories, which detail your level of class and occupation. The elites like the royalty are Ones, and the other upper class members are Twos. America Singer, our fearless and sometimes indecisive heroine, is a Five which means her family are poor people of the arts, like musicians and painters. These caste systems are very strict, and it is very common for members of lower castes to try to marry up into the higher levels to help their family and future prospects.

When the royal family of Ilea has a son who comes of age, a contest called the Selection is held. All the eligible women from the kingdom and invited to put their names in to be drawn to be a candidate to marry the prince, Maxon. Thirty-five women are “randomly” selected, and compete in a Bachelor-worthy televised reality show for Maxon’s hand in marriage.

America does not want to enter the Selection. She is in love with a boy from a lower class, named Aspen. But Aspen and her family encourages her to enter the drawing, because if she is chosen her family will be paid while she is at the castle competing.

By a twist of fate, this reluctant Five ends up being chosen and whisked off to the palace, where she encounters a world of politics, glamour, and servants. American will be tasked with trying to stay true to herself while following her heart in this new world of thrones and gowns.

There’s even an adorable coloring book!

selection series

I even was fortunate enough to meet the author, Kiera Cass!

Have you read The Selection series?

Xx Tracie

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