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Let’s Chat: Lindi Skin Care

I am all for trying out new skin care products, and since one of my new year’s resolutions is to take better care of my skin, I was more than happy to try out some Lindi Skin. Today I am talking about my review of the Face Wash, Face Serum, and Eye Hydrator.
The Face Wash did well to hydrate my skin, but it did not leave me with that “clean feeling” I usually get from the face wash products and cleansers that I usually use. The product has a nice consistency, but I think I prefer my usual face wash and cleanser. I found the Face Serum to be hydrating, but it did take a long time to absorb into my skin. I applied it after using the Face Wash in the evening. 
I think that the Eye Hydrator was my favorite Lindi product. It’s consistency was a lot like that of honey, and I mostly used it at night. I tried using it in the morning but it didn’t absorb into my skin very well so it was harder to put makeup on after using it. After using it for over a week I didn’t notice any difference in the skin tone under my eyes, which has always been a problem area for me. It did its job by hydrating around my eyes, but it did not correct any of my dark circles. 
Overall, I wasn’t very fond of the lemon citrus smell of any of the products I reviewed. The majority of these products also come in lavender scent, which I think I would have preferred. 
I’m all for skin care products made with great healthy ingredients that are good for your skin, so you can try out Lindi Skin for yourself and let me know what you think! Use code BLOG25 at to get 25% off your purchase and get free shipping!
*These products were sent to me free of charge for the purpose of review.

Xx Tracie

Let’s Chat: Irresistible Me Diamond Professional Styling Iron

   I am very low maintenance when it comes to my hair. I’m not the kind of girl who wakes up a whole hour early in the morning just so she can curl or straighten her hair. Luckily, I have been blessed with natural straight hair–for the most part anyways. I still have those mornings where my ends are all wavy and weird and refuse to just lie flat! That’s where my trusty hair straightener comes in! 
I just got the Irresistible Me Diamond Professional Styling Iron when I came home from Paris and it did the job! The iron was super easy to use and it only took about 5 minutes overall to straighten my hair. My hair stayed stick-straight for the majority of the day without me using a whole bunch of other hair products. The iron features three different heat settings depending on the thickness of your hair (I used the middle one since my hair has an average thickness) and it only took about 30 seconds to heat up. My hair felt super soft afterward and it didn’t feel extremely hot or fried after using the iron. Here’s a pic of what my hair looked like a little later in the day after using the straightener:
This styling iron ended up working perfectly because it didn’t take too much time to use and it kept my hair looking shiny and straight all day! You can purchase your own here
Xx Tracie

Let’s Chat: Eyeko Hydrogel Eye Patch

I’ll be honest: I have the worst dark undereye circles. I’ve covered them up for years but I still never seem to look like I’ve gotten more than a few hours of sleep. I’m tired of looking tired! So when I read an article about Bazaar editors trying and reviewing different eye products, I knew I wanted to try them too. I also knew I didn’t want to have to spend hundreds of dollars on a beauty product (hey I am a college student). The cheapest eye care item on their list was a 4-pack of the Eyeko Hydrogel Eye Patch for only $18 (Amen!). Eyeko is a company based in the UK (Alexa Chung is even one of their spokespeople), so I was excited to order this european but affordable beauty product. I didn’t have any problems having it sent to me here in the US and it only took a little over a week for it to get here. 
You get a little box with 4 eye patches in it, and you leave the patch on under your eyes for 30 minutes. The patches feel like a solid gel under your eyes and they instantly cool your skin. The editors who originally reviewed the product in Bazaar didn’t specify whether they used all four patches consecutively or if they just tried out one.  The box also doesn’t specify whether you’re supposed to use all four patches consecutively or if you just use them when you need them.The editor said that the patches did work for her and they brightened up her eyes and faded her dark circles. For me, I have only used the patches twice and I have noticed a difference! After the first patches my eyes instantly looked brighter and after the second set of patches my dark circles have faded a bit. 
I think that these are definitely worth the money and I will probably buy them again!
Do you have any favorite eye products that help with dark circles?
Xx Tracie

Summer Reads: Saint Anything by Sarah Dessen

One of my favorite parts of the summer is being able to read. As a college student I don’t really have time during the school year to read for “fun”. I’m always just stuck reading textbooks! This summer I hope I can share my love of reading with you all and hopefully give you some suggestions of books you can read yourself!
First Thoughts: 
  Sarah Dessen just published another book? Finally! Cue running to Target and finding the very last copy.  Dessen has honestly been my favorite author for years, so I have high expectations for this book, just like I had high expectations for all of her other books.  One of my favorite things about Dessen is that all of her stories take place in the same town/area that Dessen herself created, so all the stories have the same setting. I love that she is dedicating this book: 
“For all the invisible girls and for my readers, for seeing me”.
After Reading: 
   The characters of this book are super relatable. The family drama in this story ranges from incarceration to sickness and Dessen covers it all realistically. Sydney has been in the shadow of her older brother her entire life, and has always just been in the background.  Sydney feels invisible to everyone including her parents, which I think we can all relate to at times.  I love the vibrance and strength of the Chatham family and how they take Sydney under their wing. It was really cool to get to see how Sydney herself changes during the course of the story and how she finally finds her voice.  Amidst all the suspense of the tough times with her family, there is also the elements of friendship and even a little romance! This book also really made me want pizza, because in the book the restaurant Seaside apparently makes the best pizza and garlic knots ever. 
Favorite Quotes:
“You get used to people being a certain way; you depend on it. And when they surprise you, for better or worse, it can shake you to your core.” 
“The first time you came into Seaside,” he said. “You weren’t invisible, not to me. Just so you know.”
The book in three words: engrossing, touching, relatable

Now I just have to wait another 1-2 years for the next Dessen book!
Xx Tracie

Runway Review

New York Fashion Week was as always heating up the NY scene, even though the actual outside temperature was in the single digits! For the upcoming Fall/Winter 2015 season I was very excited to see the continuing presence of fur on the runway and I was also excited to see so much fringe (check out Rebecca Minkoff’s boots)! There was a lot of 70’s inspiration evident, which I am excited to try to incorporate into my own wardrobe in the near future. My favorite designer was by-far a tie between Rebecca Minkoff and BCBG Max Azria. BCBG made cozy knits and bulky coats incredibly chic all paired with over-the-knee boots — I was in love.
Here are my chosen top looks from the Ready-to-Wear Fall/Winter 2015 season:

BCBG Max Azria:

Rebecca Minkoff:
Sally LaPointe:
I would totally wear this outfit!
Gabrielle Cadena:
So much fur! I love it and I’m so happy that this trend will be continuing for next year’s winter season.
Zac Posen:
Reem Acra:
I am so in love with this dress — if I was back in high school this would be my top pick for a prom dress!
This collection had a very royal vibe to it. If I was fortunate enough to get to wear these beautiful clothes I would feel like Marie Antoinette!
Alice + Olivia:
This collection was simply chic.
Lela Rose:
Ralph Lauren:
J. Mendel:
All photos courtesy of 

Xx Tracie